Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring wreath

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Status of my foot... better and better every day! 

This week I made a spring wreath. 

Simple but really pretty and it will make a big statement on your front door. 

Okay.. first things first.  Always, always, ALWAYS buy faux flowers on sale.  Gosh these things are getting expensive. 

In the store I first pick out my wreath, do I want straw, wood or metal?  Do I want a special shape?  Sometime I pick up 2 or 3 and put them in my cart while I decide.  Then I walk up and down the flower isles and pick up things that I find pretty or interesting.  Finally I just start 'dry fitting' right in the store.  This is where I make decisions and basically decide what I'm going to do. 

I chose these purple flowers as I hadn't seen them before and they just spoke to me. 
I got 2 bunches as when I was playing with them in the store I decided to have them go in opposite directions. 
I also got these white flowers for the middle.  I just thought they went well. 

TIP - When picking flowers choose what you like but keep in mind the color wheel.  Opposites on the wheel attract each other.  So I could have chosen yellow flowers instead of white to really pop.  Unfortunately I really liked the type of flower the white ones are but they didn't have them in yellow only white, pink and red.... so I got the white. 

I really do 'dry fit' them right in the store meaning I lay the flowers on the wreathes in my cart or even on the store floor then step back and see how I like it.  This is the final decision time for me to determine what I'm going to create and buy.

This is what I bought.
1 wood wreath
1 bunch of white flowers
2 bunches of green leaves
2 bunches of purple flowers

Then once at home I dry fit at again.  Sometimes I make changes like I ended up doing with this wreath. 
You'll notice in the finished wreath I left out the extra green leaves that I had placed under the white flowers.  I bought these but I didn't end up using them but this is why you dry fit first!
With the just green leaves it felt just too much for me so I will return these $11.99 stems!!!! YIKES. See buy when they are on sale... I got them $5.99 each. 

My next step is then cutting the stems to length.  I cut long because you can always make them shorter!  Then I place them, dry (no glue) into the wreath.

Personally I place all the flowers before I hot glue but you can start to hot glue at this point. 

Next I placed the white flowers in the middle, glued everything down and that is it!  Oh and I only burned my fingers twice with the hot glue gun!!!!!

I just thought the extra green leaves hid the cool purple flowers so I didn't end up using them. 

The final touch was to cut a length of ribbon, knot it and hang the wreath.

The cost was $30.00 before I return the 2 bunches of faux green leaves... so it will end up at $20.00 total. 

So what do you think?  Do you have a wreath on your door for the spring?  Do you make your own wreathes?  I'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog.  Next week I am going to try this bunny wreath I saw on Pintrest.... we'll see how it goes! 

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  1. Hey there! Oh my goodness you and I are seriously wreath twins! LOL! I just made a wreath so similar to yours! Your wreath is soooo pretty. :) Have a great day, girl! :)