Monday, February 22, 2016

St. Patrick's Day decor

Well friends February is coming to a quick end and with March right around the corner it is time to get ready for the next holiday! 

With St. Patrick's Day and Easter both falling in March this year it can be hard to decide which one to decorate for.  For me St. Patrick's Day isn't a day of drinking but of reflection on my heritage.  My paternal Grandmother was of Irish decent and I can remember her telling me stories of why the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day and how they used to celebrate it. 

In Ireland St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday as St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  Legend has it he rid the island of snake and other slithering vermin.  He also converted the Celts from Paganism to Catholics. 

My Grandmother use to tell me that in the USA we celebrate by remembering the homeland by wearing green (to remember the Emerald Isle) and eating favorite Irish foods.  I can remember standing on her kitchen chair helping her make Irish Soda Bread.  I even used to get to use the knife to cut an X in the let the fairies out.   

At my house on St. Patrick's Day or if it falls on a weekday the closest weekend date, we have corned beef (NO cabbage - YUCK), potatoes and green beans with my Grandmothers soda bread.  In the past I've had nametags for guests and a list of Celtic or 'traditional' Irish names or everyone to pick from. Irish music plays and I put my picture of Kylemoore Abbey up over the fireplace.  I bring out the few St. Patrick's Day decorations I've got and add any green accents.   

 I made the 'LUCK' last year it was super easy to do you can get the directions here.

So back to St. Patrick's and Easter being close together this year and to decide which one to decorate for.... you have a decision to make.
1.  Decorate for one holiday at a time so St. Patrick's first then it comes down quickly and Easter goes up.
2.  Decorate in a combination of each

I decided for #1.  So I decorated for St. Patrick's Day everywhere but my dining room. 

I do have my St. Patrick's tablecloth on though.  I bought some hydrangeas from Wal-Mart and stuck them in the centerpiece. 

On my poor broken buffet I have a craft I did last year as well.. this cute shamrock made out of buttons.
You can see how I made it here.

After St. Patrick's Day I will change things over to Easter.  Speaking of Easter and spring... I'm going to try to make a 'wreath bunny' we'll see how that goes but next week it will either be a success or FAIL! 

BTW... look at this cute adorable little guy...
I got him at Pier One... they have a bevy of bunnies to choose from but I absolutely love this little guy. 

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate you reading! 


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