Monday, February 15, 2016

HELP I've got some outdated things in my house

So this post is about things I need to around my house.  I have an average size ranch 1100 sq. feet on each level; 4 bedrooms 3 full bathrooms.  It was built in 1970 so while I've got some 70's house issues (small rooms and really small kitchen) I've got some unusual 'problems' (cathedral ceilings in the living/dining room) - gosh how do you decorate those crazy high walls?  I've also got a really large dark red brick fireplace with an even darker rustic railroad tie mantle.... how the heck do I decorate that? 

Here's a reminder of my fireplace.

Large half a wall and outdated.

So this is what I thought - spray paint the gold face silver.  What do you think?  OR will that look odd with the rustic mantle?  What other color could I paint it?  Black??? 

Should I paint the brick white?  Gosh that does scare me a bit because if I mess it up it is then messed up.  I wish I was braver to just paint the brick.  Does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to do this?  Do you think the brick will look bad with the rustic mantle? 

I'd also like to make my kitchen bigger.  I mean it is less than 8x8.  I'd love to knock the rest of this wall out between the kitchen/dining room.
Here is the window we knocked into it because the wall is load bearing. 

 This is the wall from the kitchen.  See it is so small and I don't have enough cabinets that I had to hang my pots and pans. 

Then I really need to do something with this buffet.  The leg broke and we can't figure out how to fix it properly so here it is still holding together with black duct tape. 

Since it isn't worth anything any longer and there isn't a sentimental value I am still thinking of painting it, at least the bottom and refinishing the top and staining it dark. What do you think....
As you can see it is also damaged from years of sitting in the sun so painting it would really bring it out.  Now... color - robins egg blue?  mint?  gray?  or another shade?  What is your opinion? 

Next on the 'list' is our master bedroom.  I need new curtains.  The one's there are like 10 years old and dark brown VELVET.  YIKES talk about outdated. 

Spring makes me think of light colors overall but I'm not a pastel fan but I have been thinking of lightening up the house.  While I love the blue walls should I lighten the shade say 2 or 3 lighter OR should I forget this silly adventure and embrace the dark side that currently engulfs me?? I do love rich jewel box colors. 

I'd love to hear your opinion really because I can't make up my mind really.  I've got decorating ADD - there is something about almost every style that I love. 
Industrial - love the metal/wood look
Farmhouse - love the Joanna Gaines style
French Country - love the lines and the use of bright and muted colors
Mid Century - love the clean crisp no nonsense look and bright colors
Traditional - love the classic style of a wingback chair
Mountain - love a stone fireplace
Rustic - love that wood
Classic - I do love a good antique as you can tell

See... gosh so confused. 

So light or dark or somewhere in between? 

Please help me and don't let me drown here while I try to figure this out.  I really believe that going forward it isn't the HGTV or favorite flavor designers that will be setting home trends but the blogger and the average homeowner - US!  Nothing against those talented designers and TV personalities because their design talent, drive and ambition got them where they are today... I will always love Sarah Richardson and Candice Olsen's style but I still think it is US who will begin setting design trends going forward.  There are many talented bloggers out there that don't have degree's - think Joanna Gaines... love her.  So any help you can give me is much much appreciated. 

Next week I'll be decorating for St. Patrick's Day, yes this girl is a bit Irish and I decorate it up for St. Pat's.  Then I'll be thinking about spring and Easter decorating and trying to come up with an unusual for my door décor.  Spring doesn't really come to Colorado until late April maybe even late May so anytime I can bring flowers in I will.  Then I'm going to tackle at least one of the projects I'm talking about and asking for your help. 


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  1. all of! The kitchen wall should go....even if you have to leave a support. We wish we had gone all out and opened up our upstairs when we remodeled. The L shaped living and dinning room and kitchen break our space up so much ...we can't host our Bible group comfortably. Fire place brick and mantle ....painting it would radically change your ambiance...but maybe think of something in the buff or doe grey pallet...not stark keeping it clean....think you could keep with the country farm house feel.... it gives room to the rustic and french country-eek ....I just don't see the industrial in you??? The fireplace surround...Black...high heat auto paint...flat would be interesting...maybe play with some pho-rust ...wonder if you painted the mantle flat black? hummm My talented husband made a pho front for my rustic slide over the old one. He used oak molding to match the oak in the rest of the house... Don't know the talents of your spouse??? Looking at your picture of the wonderful old buffet...paint yes! color?? I love the milk paints they have now....I'd lean again toward the warm earthy tones...or warm grays.... The broken leg ??? wonder about wrapping it in rope...just the tops of each leg so the wood detail shows ...It would be empty and upside down in our garage being glued and reinforced with a long screw driven in from the inside down the center of the predrilled leg...Husband fixed a antique child's chair I used as a step in the kitchen. I love your rich wood floors and the blue paint on the walls...I just like your style ...good luck...It will be so interesting to see what you do...They are all big big you might give yourself a break for the holiday decorating...make these projects your energy focus...When it is done you will do a happy dance! ours took 2 solid back breaking months to was sooooo worth it! good luck...p.s. there is a wonderful store in Monument that sells the chalk paints ....and teaches classes on using them...luscious colors...drool worthy !

  2. I've seen a great brick wall painted white on line recently I'm afraid I can't remember where but it looks fabulous. I think you'd find it would lighten the whole room.
    I love the idea of painting furniture too but I think it's a lot of work which is why I've not actually done it yet - I just pin lots of ideas which is much quicker!
    In the UK we are "blessed" with small kitchens as a rule so it's a common thing here. Paint everything light and minimise the stuff that's out on the counter tops seems to work but is easier said than done. In our first house I used to keep things like the breadmaker and slow cooker under the kids beds as we had no where else they would fit, not very practical though so I'm not suggesting you do that!