Monday, August 3, 2015

MAJOR serious house problems

I mean MAJOR. 
We had a bad storm a few weeks back and I think our house was struck by lightening.  I know the house behind us and to the left was struck because I saw the lightening hit and their roof caught fire. 

I think ours was struck as well.  In the past few weeks we've had to replace several appliances and a light fixture.  First up is our dishwasher.  I turned it on and it started smoking - NOT GOOD.  When my husband took it apart to install the new stainless dishwasher he found the motor was burned up and had even charred the cabinet a bit.  NOT GOOD. 

Now I know that dishwasher motors can burn up if they are old or faulty.  BUT.... My husband turned on the hall light in our entry the very next day and the thing caught fire!!!!  I don't mean sparks I am talking flame! with busted glass everywhere.  (On a good note I do now get to pick out a nice new entry light)...

Finally our microwave... My husband was heating up his lunch the very next day and yep, you guessed it sparks, smoke and then nothing.  The entire unit went dark.  Now this didn't upset me too much.  We did have the red neck microwave being held together with electrical and duct tape!  So a nice shiny new one in stainless is now at home in my kitchen. 

I was afraid to turn anything on in the house for a few days out of fear of what would go next!  We had an electrician come out and make sure all the wiring is in good working order; luckily it is. He couldn't give us an answer as to why two pieces of electrical equipment and a light would go out in such succession other than coincidence.  Nothing that went was on the same breaker.  Personally my theory is that our house was either struck or had some affect of the lightening strike behind us. 

So I really don't have a blog today as we are working through these issues.  I did go on vacation for a while in between all of this.  We camped in Lake City Colorado, my secret spot.  A lot of riding ATV's (Razor's), hiking and fishing.  It was a great time and it is so beautiful there. 

I will be back next week with an update on the electrical situation and may be a new entry light. 
Also, I'm going to my first ever country music concert in Denver this weekend... Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean.  I'm originally an East Coast city girl and when and where I grew up Lynyrd Skynyrd was country but I can't wait!!! 

Until next week, Stay Safe!
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