Monday, July 13, 2015

The ugliest side yard in the world

No really and truly.

The backyard is really great with the garden and green grass but the side yard has become a collection of junk.  However, this part of the yard is right off the deck and where we entertain and grill.  YUCK.

We finally took the microwave and the hot tub cover to the dump, we recycled the paint and toilet - did you see the old toidy there? 

The people that lived here prior had red rock on the side... personally I am not a fan and over the past 5 years we've been digging up rock and giving it away and yet we still have more rock so I give up on trying to get rid of it. 

What I'd like to do is level the side - we live on a hill and when it rains here the water just rushes down this little hill.

We are having the fence re-placed this summer and I've got to find a place for the firewood.  But what to do with this little section of yard? 

I've had some ideas but I'd love to know what the readers think.

I think I may need to do steps since I'm going up/down hill.

But if I could go flat I like these.

I also like the idea of getting rid of the ugly gate and may be doing a pergola even possibly with a nice gate attached (we do have dogs and kiddo's to keep contained).

I'd also like to keep the grill in this area if I can. We will have to keep the trash there but I like the idea of hiding that.

 Ultimately I'd like to move the grill to the cement slab outside of the garage but that is another mess that we are currently clearing!  Why do men think they need to save every scrap of wood, every nail and nut/bolt they find?  We have scraps that are too small to do anything with. 

I did however save the scraps of cut picket fencing from the back and other side yard - I'm going to make planters out of them.  More on that in a later post!

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Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll be gone for 2 weeks coming up.  I'll be taking a vacation here in beautiful Colorado.  Riding ATV's, camping, hiking and a lot of photography that I'll share when I'm back on August 1. 

I'd love to hear your ideas for our side yard - what would you do in this narrow space - 5 1/2 feet wide and @ 30 feet long on an incline.  I can't wait to read your ideas.
Thanks to everyone who read and gave me suggestions last week on my dinning room furniture.  I really appreciate the comments. 
Until August - stay Safe!

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  1. I'm a DIY-er and master gardener, and here's a few ideas- Depending on your budget and DIY skills you could do- pavers with sand or pea gravel, good for drainage, we did ours for $90.00 for the same size. Build/buy a lean-to shed for your trash, scraps, and BBQ (rubbermaid), create a slim flower bed along the base of the fence, maybe add trellises to the side of the house and grow vertical flowers, vines, etc. You could also look at adding some dry wells along the way, away from the house, 6"-8" deep and fill with gravel, it would slow down the water and erosion. If you had good drainage, storage and flowers it could look great! Good luck!