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Fall decor planning

This is the time of the year when I start planning my fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating.  I try to change it up a bit every year but I also try to use what I've got first.  I don't have a ton of money to spend on new décor every year but I am not one to keep something year after year if I haven't used it in my décor. 

I'll walk you through what I do.  This is my process; gleam from it what you want.  I hope it helps you. 

My first step is to determine what I want to do décor wise this season.  I turn to Pintrest and the internet.  Check out my "I LOVE Fall"  board.

Here is my Halloween board -

When you start reviewing what you are crushing on you should start to notice a pattern emerging in your choices be it be color, patterns or theme. 
I tend to like non-traditional colors mixed with traditional elements.  So blue, robins egg or turquoise mixed with white and then pumpkins, gourdes, pinecones, twigs and other natural elements.   

 I found these two tablescape's on Pintrest and I'm in LOVE!

 TIP - Take stock of what you have already on hand.  I have my hubby pull all the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving bins out of the attic this time of the year.  My craft room/office is a mess right now with boxes and bins everywhere. 
I go through each bin and unwrap each item and look it over.  Now is when I ask myself.
1.  Did I use it last year?
2.  Will I use it this year?
I will not keep anything that I just keep wrapping back up and not using year after year.  My rule of thumb is 2 years.  If I haven't used it in my decorating in the past 2 years it goes. 

I also look each item over and review -
1.  Is it shabby?  Been loved too much?
2.  If so, can I repair it?  Do I want to?  Do I still love it?  Is it worth it to repair? 
3.  Do I want to replace it? Can I replace it? 
4.  Is it a family heirloom?  If this is yes, I WILL wrap it back up even if I don't use it
5.  Does it have sentimental value?  This is a personal one for us as everyone has a different attachment to things.  I keep a 2 little plastic reindeer that were on a Christmas cupcake from when I was about 7 years old.  It is the last Christmas my Grandpa (Pops) was alive and he gave me his reindeer to take home and babysit until next Christmas.  I've never EVER getting rid of those silly plastic reindeer that have seen better days.

But inevitably year after year figurines will get chips in them or possibly a broken hand no matter how well you try to wrap them up. 

TIP - If the item looks like it has seen better days then toss it.  It won't enhance your décor, (unless it has sentimental value - see #5 above). 

I also take this time to look through my linens, tea towels, table cloths, placemats and runners as well as napkins and even pillows.  I ask myself those same questions over and over to take stock of my inventory.  I make a pile for donations and one for keeping. 

The one thing that does tend to get shabby quickly is faux flowers, garlands, wreaths and picks.  They will get smashed or bent; picks will loose their color and wreaths can come apart in my hot attic.  Even bows can become unsightly after only 1 or 2 seasons so I have a more critical eye here as far as what I keep and what goes. 

After I've gone through everything (trust me it is fun, like Christmas in August! The kids even like helping me) and I've made my keep and discard piles I do something my family thinks is crazy but I think is, well sheer genius!
I take pictures of everything I'm keeping with my phone. 

TIP - TRUST ME!  taking pictures of your items will help you when you go to the store.  You won't have to guess if something will look good together or if what you have on hand is similar, you'll have the picture right there in your hand. 
I also take pictures or download to my phone my inspiration pictures from Pintrest. 
Now you've got everything in one place with you when you are out and about. 

After I have carefully re-wrapped everything I'm keeping and re-boxed it all I then review my Pintrest board and using my handy dandy phone I'll come up with a design plan.  Then I make a list of things I need to get (I'll use my phone here too).

My list this year is looking like this.
1.  Candles - Pumpkin, Fall Leaves and 2 other jar candles
2.  Candles - White pillar, votive and tea lights
3.  Candles - Scent wax for my warmers
4.  Votive/Pillar candleholders - Kirkland's
5.  Faux hydrangea in fall colors and dusty blue
6.  Ribbon in fall colors
7.  Mason Jars

TIP - be specific in your list.  Notice I'm heading to Kirkland's to get Votive/pillar holders... I saw this on their website and fell in love.
TIP - your money is precious - DON'T BUY IF YOU DON'T LOVE!  Keep to your list but if you do find something in a store you love ask yourself.
1.  Can I use it in my current décor plan? (I check my phone pictures for this)
2.  Is it worth buying?  Can I live without it and chance that I can get it on sale later or after the season? 
If you will be kicking yourself when it isn't there in October then buy it but save the receipt.  If you don't use it or change your mind about it you can always return it. 
I will be buying that lovely above cause I love, love, love it.  It will go with my color theme that I've got in mind (blue's with rust/orange)

Since we are still a bit early to decorate for fall you will have the chance to watch for sales and get good prices.  I always shop at the end of the seasons as well when things are up to 70% off but I still ask myself the same questions.  Even if I only spend $5.00 on something if I never use it I've wasted $5.00 and heck that is a school lunch!
I tend to buy more faux flowers at the end of the season.  These items have gotten really expensive over the past few years and they don't seem to hold up for more than 2 seasons here in the Colorado weather so any money I can save on them I will. 

I also look for coupons online and in the paper.  Did you know that Hobby Lobby has an online coupon every 2 weeks for 40% off one item?  You do know that Bed Bath and Beyond takes expired coupons don't you....and you can use a coupon for each item you have. 

Here is what I did last year for fall (September) mantle:
This was my November mantle:

I will be using some of these same elements this year but switching it up and adding blues and turquoise to the mix of oranges, rust and white. 

Well that is all I have for today.  I hope you will be able to take some of my tips and use them in your own decision making for your fall décor. 
Do you have any tips or tricks that I didn't mention?  I'd LOVE to hear them.  Drop me a line and let's chat.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I appreciate you reading and your support. 
Until next week.  Stay safe.
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