Monday, August 24, 2015

Lighted fall vase

I have an easy and pretty cheap fall craft for you today!

Two things I like about this. 
1.  I had most of the items on hand so CHEAP!
2.  It was fast and easy to do. 

You can do this in any glass container, I'll show you 3 versions and give you some tips and as always alternatives.
For this you will need:
Pine cones - I went for a hike in the nearby woods with the dogs and collected pinecones and acorns.
Vase filler - if you so desire.  I did buy some from Kirkland's for $7.99.  I also had some vase filler from last year that I used.
I also bought faux fall leaves from the dollar store
A string of colored or white battery operated lights.  I got LED so they wouldn't get hot.
Batteries for your lights
A vase, mason jar, apothecary jar, pickle jar or any type of glass jar you want. 
So let's start.
First make sure your jar is clean.  I washed mine in mild soapy water and dried them thoroughly.
Next you want to put your batteries in your lights and make sure they work.  I also did this with the lights on so I could see how the lights shown through in the jars.  I'd do a couple of things differently but we'll get to that in a moment.
So put a bunch of the strand of lights in the jar.
Now you just drop your fillers into the jar around the lights. 
TIP - if you are working with a mason jar, I'd use a wide mouth jar.  I have small hands and if I wanted to manipulate something I ended up having to use scissors as my hands wouldn't fit in the jar.
Keep filling and adding the strand of lights until you are happy with the results.  I topped mine with a pinecone.
So here is what I'd do differently with this - I'd get a lot more smaller pine cones or use a wide mouth jar and fill the jar with less small filler.  I don't think the lights shown through as much as I'd have liked them to. 
Here is another kind of jar you can use.  I got this vase at the dollar store.
Again, too much filler and not enough of the light is shinning through. Now I could use 2 sets of lights if I wanted to keep the amount of filler I have. 
TIP - just hide the battery pack behind the vase.  You can't even see it and the pack will be in easy access for you to turn on and off. 
Finally I used my apothecary jars.  I got these at Home Goods a few years back and heck I fill them with everything. 
I like this much better, it has less small filler and more pinecones and faux leaves.  I think the light shows through better and that is the look I wanted.  Unfortunately you can't see if that well in this picture but trust me the light shows through. 
All pinecones (no filler or faux leaves at all)
All faux leaves
Paint your jar or vase.  Yep paint the outside of the glass jar a fall color say light brown or yellow and fill with just the lights.
Next week I'll share the method to my madness to decorate my exterior for fall.  I'll be using things I have on hand just in a different way.  It is a process I go through with just about everything.  I live with it for a bit then change things up until I get it how I like it.  So please stop back!
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Until next week,
Stay Safe!
Sneak peak of my front door.  I made this last year.  I'll share that link next week as well.


  1. How cute is this! I never thought to illuminate a jar like that for fall items. For some reason I only think about adding lights like that at Christmas. Love it!

  2. love the blog thanks for sharing have a great day and zen hugs all around

  3. Super cute!!! Perfect for a fall mantel. Thanks for sharing.!

  4. I love how things go in and out of popularity. Years ago, people were filling jars with potpourri and little twinkle lights. The idea was that the lights would heat the potpourri and give off a pleasant scent.....probably not very safe since back in the dark ages, the little lights did get fairly warm! I think your jars look perfectly lovely, and are much safer!