Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving mantle step by step

So as I've said before, we've had a lovely summer this fall here in Colorado.  It has been warm and dry, very dry.  However, my garden is loving it and I've still got flowers blooming even in November.
 I cut these from my garden yesterday.  As predicted we are now VERY cold, this winter storm, Astro, is here brining snow and crazy cold temperatures.  I mean it was 70 yesterday, heck it was 65 at 10am this morning!  Right now, it is a blustery 23 degrees without the wind chill. 
I'm glad I cut these guys cause I don't think they would have lived. 

 But on to Thanksgiving. 
I usually start my Thanksgiving decorating with my mantle.  That will then determine how the rest of the house will go. 
Here is my mantle this year.
You can see last years Thanksgiving décor here...
Back to this years mantle.  
Let me walk you through how I achieved this step by step.
First I found the 'Give Thanks' sign at Sam's Club.  I couldn't pass it up.  It is two sided, the other side reads, 'Welcome' AND you can hang it two ways, vertical or horizontal!  I want to say it was $24.00 but I am not sure. 

Step1  - A sign or some sort of picture to anchor your mantle.  You don't have to hang it like I did, you could just rest it on the mantle itself. 

Step 2 - I have this string of lights on a garland that I got at Target years ago.  Don't have a strand like this, well you can make one!  Buy a strand of garland, leaves or any kind and wrap some dollar store Halloween or Christmas lights around it.
Step 3 - Other than a sign or picture, choose your first anchor.  I chose lanterns.  I just love, love, love lanterns.  These two I got at Walmart 2 years ago.  They are BH&G copper lanterns.  You could use any objects you want.  A pumpkin on a stack of books with a smaller pumpkin next to it would look great. 
Step 4 - I added 2 strands of bittersweet to the mantle.  I laid them, one at each end and pulled them in front of the lanterns. 

Step 5 - I added 3 pumpkins on the other end of the mantle.  I laid one on its side for movement. I sat the bigger on so that I could wrap the bittersweet and the lights in front of it.

Step 6 - Add more garland.  I added a strand of Chinese paper lanterns.
You can see I draped the garland over the one pumpkin.  This keeps the eye moving. 
Step 7 - I added a metal orb.  If you don't have one you could add another pumpkin or even another lantern. 
 Step 8 - Another strand of garland, this time fall leaves. 
Finally, I filled the lanterns with fall like objects and a battery operated candle. 
That is it!  You too can create a beautiful mantle display. 
Caution - I've got a really long mantle, just over 6 feet long!  So if yours is shorter you could just do the pumpkins or just the lanterns. 
The biggest thing is to do a layer, step back and look at it.  If you don't like it, then change it up. 
I think mine turned out great.  I love it!

Have you started to decorate for Thanksgiving yet?  On Thursday I'll share my entry and coffee table. 
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you come back soon. 
Until Thursday, stay safe,

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  1. I love the orbs in it and the flowers are still so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday :)