Monday, November 17, 2014

Pilgrim Hats

I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year.  Normally, my Mother-In-Law hosts and does such a fantastic job but my Father-In-Law has MS and has taken a few falls lately.  This has prompted my In-Laws to sell their home and buy a new one, all on one level.  It is a stressful and exciting time for them but needed for my Father-In-Laws safety.  We are all excited for their new adventure, which begins next week.  Yes next week along with Thanksgiving.  So this year it will be at my house, but I am lucky because my dear, sweet Mother-In-Law is still going to do all the cooking!  Yes, all the cooking.  I just have to get out of bed, shower and dress!  How lucky am I!?  Seriously. 

I decided to do a kids table this year for my sweet nieces who are 4 and 2.  They will sit at the card table that will be covered with butchers block paper.  I've got some Thanksgiving themed coloring pages that I downloaded from the internet for them to color along with some Michael's dollar store finds for them to do.  I bought crayons from the dollar store and made some cute little Pilgrim hats to store the crayons in. 

I have been going with a 'use what you've got' philosophy for fall decorating and planning this year.  In that theme I am using what I've got on hand for this project.

I've seen several 'Pins' for this project, all using black Solo Cups.  I didn't have black on hand but I did have Pink and Blue, so that is what I'll use.

For this easy project you'll need:
Scissors - I used a regular pair and a fancy cutting pair
A pen or pencil
Card stock paper or fun foam (I used fun foam as I had it).  Colors of your choice
1 sheet of black construction paper
1 sheet of yellow construction paper
Solo Cups or any kind of plastic cup
Craft glue
X-Acto or a craft knife

I made 2 hats for this project, if you need to make more, you'll need to increase certain items such as the cups, the card stock or fun foam and possibly the construction paper. 

Step 1 -
Cut out your base.  Using the CD as a template:  Place the CD on the fun foam or card stock and trace it with your pencil/pen.  Then cut the circle out.  I used fancy scissors but you can use regular ones.

Step 2 - Make the 'belt' and 'buckle' for the hats.  Taking the black construction paper on the short side, and your ruler mark out enough lines to cut for the hat belt.  Cut them out with your scissors.

Now for the buckle; using the yellow construction paper make the buckle.  I measured the width of the black strips, which are the width of the ruler or 1 1/4 inches.  I made the buckle 1 3/4 inches wide.  Using the ruler measure the yellow construction paper and make a mark at each end of the paper at 1 3/4 inches then use the ruler to connect the marks and cut out the buckle strip.

Now cut the strip into equal parts to make squares.  I made each square 2 inches.   Cut them out.

 Fold each square in half.
Now cut the center out of each square to make a buckle. (Do you like my Thanksgiving nails?)
Step 3 - Cut the top of the hat off. 
So you can put things in the 'hat' you need to cut the top - or the bottom - of the cup off.  I used an X-Acto knife to start then regular scissors to cut the bottom of the cup off.

Step 4 - Glue the belt and the buckle to the hat.  Take your glue and run a generous line of glue around the top (the normal end you'd drink out of) of the cup.  Then take your black strip and wrap it around the cup adding more glue to the end if there is an overlap.

Step 5 - Now add the buckle.  Glue the yellow buckle overtop the black strip. 
Step 6 - Run a bead of glue to the top (the end you'd normally drink out of) of the cup.  Then secure it to the round craft paper or fun foam.

Let dry overnight or for a couple of hours. 
I put crayons in mine and they will sit on the kids table with some of the crafts from the dollar spot and the coloring pages that I got for them. 
How cute would these look filled with candy or lollipops!  I can't wait to show you how they look on the kids table later this week.  As I said I've seen these on Pintrest and they were really easy to make. 

Thanks for stopping by.  This year has gone so fast, I just don't know where the time has gone.  Christmas is almost here again.  I swear I just put all of that away last month! 

Future things to look for in November -
Thanksgiving table next week, here's a sneak peak - aren't they adorable little salt & pepper shakers?! Wal-Mart yep. 
The kids table, and front porch and entry all this Thursday. 
I really appreciate you reading.  If you have any questions about the Pilgrim Hats or any project I've done, just shoot me an email -

Until Thursday, stay safe!

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