Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I want to sit at the Kids table this Thanksgiving

I live in a 1970's ranch style house.  It is smaller but I just love it, and the view from my back deck, well the view is amazing.
That is America's Mountain, Pikes Peak.  I have a view of the entire 'front range' here in Colorado Springs right from my back deck.  The view makes up for any shortcomings that my house may have such as small bedrooms and a very small kitchen. 

As I let everyone know on Tuesday, I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year as my In-Laws are moving.  My Mother-In-Law is doing all the cooking, I am just providing the location, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! 

My problem with any party I hold is lack of space.  Each level of my house is about 1100 sq. feet.  It is a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath ranch with a living/dining combo and a full finished basement.  While this lack of extra space doesn't stop me it does make it trickier in the winter when I get 10 or more people in the house.  So I get creative. 

This year with Thanksgiving I decided to put the kids table in the kitchen.  Now my kitchen is small and there isn't a lot of room to begin with but my nieces are 4 and 2 and it is just them so I think they will love sitting by themselves in the kitchen. 

I decorated their table with brown paper so they can color all over it if they wish but I also printed out Thanksgiving coloring pages for them.  I also bought dollar store crayons and glue sticks as well as Michaels dollar spot crafts for them to work on.  I even got them wooden Christmas stockings to color! 

I put the crayons in the little Pilgrim Hats I made over the weekend.  If you check Tuesday's blog you will see how easy it was to make them, you can also click here..

I think it all turned out cute, I know my husband thinks so.  He was helping me set this up and said, "heck I want to sit at the kids table!"

Finally today I'd like to show you what I've done outside for November.  Here is the front of my house.  Notice we still have a couple spots of snow! 
 This is the new wreath I made this year.

You can see how to make that here -
I brought the small side table from the back deck and added it here. I got the little box thing that is sitting on it at the dollar store last year.  The hay bales I got at Hobby Lobby on sale after the season as well as the little scarecrow. 

 For the front door I have a long basket that I found a few years ago at Hobby Lobby and I put some faux flowers in it and hung it from a Command hook.
I even decorated the mailbox.  I wrapped a grapevine around it and then a faux fall garland. 

Once you step inside the house you are in my entryway.  I got this olive bucket at Wal-Mart it is BH&G and was around 12.00.  I had my husband cut me some limbs from our old tree that we took down a few months ago, added some fall flowers and picks from Michael's and two lighted branches.  It looks amazing!  I had it outside but my husband asked that I bring it in so that he can enjoy it, we light it every night.  The lighted branches are battery operated and I've seen them at Target, Wal-Mart and other stores.
I'll show it to you unlit so you can see the details.
 Then lit. 
Finally my back deck.  Usually after Halloween I clear my back deck and put everything out there in storage but this year the beginning of November was really nice and in the high 60's, really nice enough to still sit out there during the day.  However, lately it has been cold and snowy so I really should pack it all up but for now I've done a bit of decorating out here as well. 
 More branches from our felled tree.  I am just getting so much more use out of this tree now that it has been cut down! 

 And finally I thought I'd leave with you some more pictures of tonight's sunset from my back porch.  Colorado has the most beautiful light.  It is also a place where you can really see how the sun moves in the sky.  It is now setting on the southern side of Pikes Peak, in the summer it sets to the north of the peak. 

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions just comment here or shoot me an email -  I'll reply. 

Next week is Thanksgiving already.  Gosh Christmas will be here before you know it!  Next Tuesday I'll be back, sharing my dinning table all set for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Till then, have a great weekend, stay safe!


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