Monday, June 23, 2014

The easiest craft EVER

This has got to be hands down the easiest craft you can ever do.  Really, trust.

Let's see, easy, fairly cheap and high impact - I'm in!

You will need:

Tape - I used Duct tape - you can use any brand you wish.
Store bought bottles of water

I don't know if you are aware but they make thick tape, like Duct tape in all different colors, patterns and even shapes. 
I bought flag Duct tape and some store bought bottles of water.

I ripped off the labels that were on the bottles and then wrapped the flag tape around the bottles, cut it as it just overlapped a bit.  DONE!
 How easy is that and BONUS... CUTE!
Think of the endless ideas, you could 'customize' bottled water for a party with zebra stripes, cheetah or giraffe print, cars, birds or whatever kind of tape you can find!  The ideas are endless. 
Heck you could even do soft drinks/soda/pop/beer/wine coolers and other adult beverages the same way.  It looks like you customized them and all it cost was the bottles of whatever, the tape and some time. 

BONUS craft...
Here is another easy craft that you can do.  I customized this for 4th of July.

You will need:
Burlap trim (I got mine at Walmart already decorated)
Dollar Store glass vases (I used the one's I bought back in December for my Christmas table and the same one's I used for my PB knock off for Easter). 
Craft Glue - I used Aleens (you just need craft glue that will dry clear)
Optional - ribbon.  I used blue but you could use any color

Step 1 - You need to determine how long to cut your burlap. 
Wrap your burlap around the vase making sure you have at least a 1/2 inch overlap.  Cut.

 Step 2 - glue.  After you have cut your piece place a bead of glue on the inside on one end of your trim.  
 Then wrap it around and onto your vase.
Step 3 - Run a bead of glue on the other end of your trim.  While holding the end that is already glued on, wrap around the vase, pull tight to ensure it stays in place well with no gaps.
Step 4 - If you want you can wrap a ribbon around your vase.  I used blue but red or white would have probably looked better with this particular trim, I just didn't have any.

Cute!  I put candles in mine and put them on my back porch.

You could fill them with sand, flowers, pinwheels, candy, sparklers, utensils, anything goes! 

If you can't find burlap like this, already done, you could always get plain burlap and some star stamps and a blue or other color ink pad and stamp your burlap.  This would need some time to dry before putting the burlap on the vase.  I got my burlap at Walmart... yep Walmart in the craft section. 
The vases are dollar store that I used for a Christmas craft -
They are the same one's washed that I used for my PB knock off for Easter.

I am really getting my money's worth from these dollar store vases! 

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