Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer house tour

It is June, at least according to the calendar.  Here in Colorado we've had some crazy springtime weather.  Yes it is our spring, the tree's have just leafed and the wildflowers are in bloom.  However, this is what the weather has been like.
Storms, tornado's, hail and even snow.... yep June. 

As I said before I decorate the house for the seasons and holiday's.  For the summertime I really enjoy moving the furniture around.  I take the dinning room and turn it into our living room and vice versa.  We eat on our covered porch in the summer and rarely inside, usually because Colorado Springs has such nice mild weather and no bugs so you can eat outside in the nice breeze every night.  Hopefully tomorrow! 

So here is the house tour.  WELCOME!
As you come in the front door I kept the springtime flower arrangement.

But as you can see, I flipped my dinning and living room areas.  The dinning room is now by the fireplace - 

I decorated the table just with some simple lanterns.  I think I may fill them with sand and sea shells but for now they are empty.

The buffet, still with its broken leg (that's how I roll) is along the one living room wall. I decorated it with sea shells, turtles, dragonflies and things that remind me of summer.

If you now turn to your left you can go down the traditional ranch style hallway.
I normally have a plant in a basket down at the end of the hall, I move my plants outside in the summer.
To turn right you would normally find our dinning room, but now it is the living room area.

 It really does give an entirely different look to the house re-arranged this way. 
Here are some details.  The end table.  The box I got at Target a few months back.  The black dragonfly stone I got in Boulder CO in May.  The candle is a Yankee. 
 I moved the china cabinet to the one long wall I have.  I added the lamp to the top along with some of the kiddo's framed art work, some vases and a live plant. 
Then there is the coffee table - The orb is the one my daughter bought me or my birthday last year.  The rattan tray is from Hobby Lobby as is the little stand.  The white tray is a Target purchase and the blue bowl is from Home Goods. 
I like the look of layered trays.  It gives texture and interest to your display. 
I also try to decorate my little 'widow' between the kitchen and the 'dinning room' for every season.  My husband brought this little guy home from Germany on a business trip, he's an incense smoker and just too cute to not leave out all year long.

Now the kitchen.  I didn't do much in here except to make a coffee station.  I got the white tray at Home Goods and the Sugar and Creamer is my china, Lenox.  The pattern is called Chesapeake.
I have little counter space but I did add a Home Goods sale tray to the counter along with some other Home Goods purchases, a blue box and a covered dish and cow creamer.  I got the dragonfly at Hobby Lobby and the blue candle holder is Party Light.  The piece of marble I picked up on an adventure to Marble Colorado. 
Directly by the fireplace is the door to the covered porch. 
In the summer we put the dog screen up so the dogs can go in and out as they please.  It really does work and keeps any stray flies, bees and even the moths that are out this time of the year. 

We live on this porch during the summer.  It is covered and cool.  If it ever does get really hot (and that means in the 90's for us) we do have a mister on the porch to cool us off. 
Directly to the left of the screen door is a wicker piece that I've had for years.  I always decorate it in different ways and will move it around the porch depending on my mood. 

The table sits as soon as you come out of the door.  I bought the silver orb at Target (currently on clearance!) the two fishermen's weights I've had for years.  I think I got them on a vacation in Boston.  I hope to make my own to add to the collection.  The tray is Pottery Barn clearance a few years ago and the candle is from Hobby Lobby (I bought 4 of those little flower candle holders last year in the party section).
If you turn to your right we have a hot tub sunken into the porch and here is where I put my Home Goods cart.

Back to the left is the sitting area.  I am good with chairs!  I hope to find a good deal on a bench at the end of the season this year but for now the chairs will do.  I actually think we got them at Safeway a few years ago.  Yep Safeway the grocery store!
 Here is a close up of the outdoor coffee table.  The tray is Home Goods, there's another one of those Hobby Lobby candle's, the vase full of marbles is dollar store and the fake tulips are the one's I used for my Easter craft. 
 Here is where the hallway plant ended up.  The end table is from Gordman's.  The pillow is from Home Goods. 
 This dragonfly pillow is from Target.
And that is it!  I hope you enjoyed my home tour.  I'll be sharing some decorations for July 4th in the next weeks as well as some painting crafts (if it ever is nice enough to spray paint!). 
Till Thursday - have a safe and happy week! 
As always thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy what you've seen and might get some inspiration to flip some of your rooms around! 

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