Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paper Lanterns

I like re-using things.  If you have been a frequent reader you will know that I re-use things in different ways all the time.  If you read Tuesday's post you can see how I re-used dollar store vases I bought at Christmas for a 4th of July craft.  I even used them at Easter for a PB knock off. 

Today isn't about the vases but the dollar store paper lanterns I bought for my daughter's high school graduation party.  I put them on the mailbox for her graduation.
Paper lanterns are pretty cheap and an easy way to decorate.  My girls usually use them in their bedrooms, hanging from the ceiling with Christmas lights strung in them.  This time I decided to make a 'chandelier' over my outdoor dining table.

It was pretty easy.  I ended up using twine to hang them.  I tried using fishing line but it was far too thin and kept coming out of the staples that I used to secure the line to the ceiling. 

This is what it turned out like.

 I just stapled them to the ceiling!  I will eventually put some LED candles or lights in them and use them as an outdoor light. 

So here is the before. (Dog photo bomb!)

And this is the after.

Do you re-use things around your house in different ways?  I'd love to hear your ideas!
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