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 Let's talk collections.  Do you collect anything? 

I have friends who collect shoes (the decorative kind), some people I know collect shot glasses, water globes, pitchers and snowmen. 

Me, I like Santa's and have about 100 Santa's that I display with my Christmas decorations.  I thought that was the only thing I collected until I started looking around my house. 

I never realized I have a slight teapot addiction.  Now I've always known that I like dishes, you know the pretty plates with different patterns or an odd shaped or sculpted glass.  But in looking around my house I have quite a few teapots!  Who knew!? 

I seem to have most of them in my antique china cabinet.  Here they sit till I use them, usually on holidays or other special occasions. 

This one my oldest daughter bought me along with some loose tea.  It is the simplest teapot I own but still very pretty. 
 It has a removable inner piece that holds the loose tea. 
This one is red and gold.  I got it from my Mom, who got it from her Aunt.
 On the bottom it says, Arthur Wood, England  4665
This one was my Grandmothers.  Someone brought it to her from Japan. I have plates, cups, saucers and even a cream and sugar bowl for this set.  I think this is called a 'Luncheon Set'.
 The bottom says Noritake.  I think this set is just really unusual and very pretty.

This next teapot is really unusual but probably my favorite. 
 I just love it.  It isn't very big, much smaller than the other teapots but I just love the Japanese countryside drawing on it.  I really can't read the bottom it is a bit smudged. 

This last teapot I got from my paternal Grandmother.  She told me she bought it from a door-to-door salesman in the 40's and that is all she remembers.  It has an removable centerpiece where you can place teabags or loose tea. 
 I really do love the old fashioned colors.  The bottom says 'Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware'
 It even has salt and pepper shakers!
Funny my collection was all gifted to me, I haven't bought a single piece! 
I also have some other odd dishes that I've inherited. 
This little pitcher for milk for instance...
The bottom simply says 'Japan'
Then I've got these bowls with feet.  They are really pretty and very brightly colored.  I inherited these from my Aunt.  I have no idea where she got them but they are beautiful.
The bottom says 'Prussia' and has a marking.  I know nothing about these dishes, I have 2 of them.
They are obviously very old, when was Prussia a country?  It is Russia now.  So these must be at least 80 years old, if not older. 

I also have these 2 cup and saucers.  They are VERY delicate, the china is paper thin.  They have raised dragons on them.  I got these from my Aunt who got them from her Mother-In-Law.

The dragons are raised.  I know nothing about them, they have no markings on the bottom but they are obviously Japanese or Chinese in origin.  The bottom one is really unique as when you hold the teacup up to the light and look through the bottom you see...
It looks like a Greek Goddess.  She's not Japanese or Chinese at all.  Sorry the picture is bad but I think you can see her pretty well.

Another odd thing I've inherited is this little plastic Jiminy Cricket toy. 
He is plastic and he walks across your table via gravity.  I know nothing about him either, I don't even know what relative I got him from. 

So it seems I collect teapots though I've never bought one myself.  I do like them, their shape is pleasant and I do love tea! 
Do you have any collections?  What do you collect?  Do you have anything odd that you collect? 
If you know anything about my footed bowls or my little milk pitcher or any of my china, I'd love to hear about it. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Next week I'll be talking about 4th of July decorations and have a craft.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Be safe!

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