Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who's got what for Christmas?

On Saturday I went out looking to see what stores had their Christmas decor out already and let me tell you the stores were full of Christmas!  Not only was the traffic crazy (it took me 20 minutes to find a place to park at the Shops at Briargate) but people were crazy buying Christmas things!  OK, so I did also buy a few items but I passed people with carts full of Christmas.  I was behind one lady in line who bought over $200.00 worth of decorations.  I am not judging because I was behind her buying something myself but can we have Thanksgiving first before we go insane?

So let's start with Big Lot's.  I was actually impressed with their selection of Christmas things.
I bought these cute little snowmen and snowflake's for vase fillers - more to come on what I'm going to do with them exactly.  They are a steal at $3.00 for the box.  The store had different kinds and colors as well.

Big Lots also has a few ornaments and a whole isle of greenery.

Their selection of trees wasn't bad either.  
Call me cheap but I still think ONE HUNDRED dollars is a lot for a 7 foot tree.  Big Lots also had nice and moderately priced outdoor light up things. 
This year they are carrying the Mr. Christmas - last year Home Depot had it, you hook it up to your tree lights and it plays music from its list and the lights will blink in time with the music.  Last year at HD it was $90.00, this year Big Lot's has it for $60.00.  Still pretty pricey in my book but if you have younger children or a coupon it is pretty cool.
Over-all I was impressed with Big Lot's.  I hadn't been in the store in 2 or 3 years and they have a really big selection of Christmas.
Next I went to Home Depot.  
They have live mini Colorado Blue Spruce trees for $5.00 each.  I bought 3 and plan to put them in dollar store colored buckets on my dinning room table.  I also bought 3 sets of multi colored battery operated and on a timer mini Christmas lights.  A strand of 15 of these was $10.00 at HD.  They also had clear, blue, red, green and the multi.  
Home Depot also has a nice assortment of Martha Stewart Christmas decor.  Everything from fake trees to lights to ornaments. 

As usual, Home Depot also carries a wide variety of outdoor decorations and tons and tons of lights.  Right now they have a deal going.  If you turn in your old regular strand of lights you can get a coupon for money off LED lights.  

Sorry I love peacocks but I don't get them for Christmas, just like the flying pig and the flamingo's.  
This year, HD, is again carrying the whole house light show system.  It is pretty pricey at $200.00 but I've seen it in action and it is pretty cool.  My hubby has been eying it for a year now.  
16 functions!  If you've seen our house decorated in years past you'll know this is just what we need!  
New this year (I think) at HD is this juke box.  I think it is replacing the Mr. Christmas.  The juke box was $100.00 and you plug it and select your Christmas songs.  It does have quiet a few to choose from.  This one is wireless and will make your Christmas tree lights dance!  
Next I went to Pottery Barn and Pier One.  I was pretty frustrated that it took me over 20 minutes to find a place to park at The Shops at Briargate and is it me or are those parking spaces SMALL? I mean tiny... 
Unfortunately Potter Barn wouldn't allow me to take pictures of their displays or anything in the store.  They do have really nice ornaments again this year.  They are pricey, but sometimes you get what you pay for. 

 Pier One is a happy place, all of their ornaments are bright and very colorful.  Again, they are a lot more expensive than Big Lot's or Home Depot. .Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, they must have like 100 different nut crackers in Pier One!   

And foxes - something tells me foxes are going to be the new owls..
They are $21.99 each.  The gold stars were $9.99 each.  The sled below the foxes was $14.99.  

Then I went to Gordman's.  It is a trek but I made it.  
Gordman's has a nice selection of Christmas though there was noticeably more country/rustic. 

Gordman's also had several rows of Christmas, including lots of deer.
I love deer, except the ones that eat my tulips in the spring. 
Gordman's also has an extensive selection of paintings and things painted on wood.
A whole isle full of these.   
They also had some yard stakes and standing Santa's and Snowmen.  

 So if you do country or more rustic, Gordman's is your place to go this year.
Finally I went to Home Goods.  They have quite a selection of Christmas as well.  Lot's of nutcrackers here too!

Home Goods also has a nice selection of Christmas dishes if you collect or use those.  They are pretty reasonably priced as well.  They are also carrying several options for paper plates and napkins.  The napkins are crazy, just too many to choose from!  
I came across this, whatever it is.  It is a candle and Home Good's had it in several colors.  I just have no idea what it is!  I 'think' it is supposed to be a tree but it is weird, but bright and sparkley! 
Next weekend I hope to hit some other stores and let you see ahead of time who's got what for Christmas!  On my list is Lowe's, Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Micheal's and Joann Fabrics.  
Have a great week.  Victoria

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