Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to change the look of your house pt2

I know you are saying, 'Really, for under $80.00?'  Baloney!  But it is true!  So far I showed you how painting the venting system on your roof for less than TEN dollars can change the look of the outside and today I'll show you how to really change the look of your house.


Yes plain and simple - PAINT!

Not the whole house just your shutters or your door.  It can really change a lot.

Our old color was this red, while I like red a lot I just don't like this red.  It had too much pink in it for me.
Before I painted our door and shutters.

 EH it looks OK but EH nothing to write home about right... (ignore the Halloween decorations please!).

So the hubby and I went to Sherwin Williams (they are not sponsoring me) and chose a paint color.  Now usually when you get paint it turns out darker than the card sample.  I have found this NOT to be true with SW paint.  I find it to be pretty spot on with the swatch.
I chose Santorini Blue (SW 7607).  Inside it looks right to the swatch color but outside it is much lighter.  So that is something to remember when choosing an outdoor color.  When you see the picture below you are going to say, 'That doesn't look lighter' but it does.  SW outdoor paint starts at $60.00, yes they are proud of their paint BUT I find that it doesn't splatter or drip like other paint.  It is much thicker than the big box store paint which we have faithfully used in the past and is used on the exterior of the house, (Valspar - Mark Twain Gray Brick 4005-2C).  It takes much less of the SW paint to cover an area, even red!

Here is the after:

A BIG difference huh!  I love it, just love it.
Here is the swatch and the front door from inside the house and yes it is pretty spot on to the swatch.
I think it really makes the brick pop now.  What do you think?  I am on this whole blue, gray, orange and brown kick lately - it is getting a bit out of hand.
So for less than Eighty Dollars I've transformed the look of my house.  I did the front of the door, the shutters and all the trim with less than a gallon of SW paint.
Again BEFORE Mustard Yellow vents, red door, trim and shutters:
So lets look at the totals:
1 can of heat resistant black spray paint - for the roof vents = $8.99
1 gallon SW Santorini Blue outdoor paint = $60.00
Grand Total = $69.00 plus tax.  It came to about $75.00 total.
I had paint rollers and other supplies on hand already.
You can do it much, MUCH cheaper by using a big box store paint that start around 30-40 a can.

I would like to eventually get a kick plate and new hardware (door knobs etc) but have you priced those?  CRAZY EXPENSIVE!
SO, Are you up to the challenge?  You CAN change the look of your house easily with just a bit of time for not a lot of money! I'd love to see your pictures if you try it.
Next week I'll be decorated for Thanksgiving and sharing my love of dishes, it's an obsession actually, but at least I can admit it!

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