Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Possible Pintrest FAIL!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.

I promised a fall/Thanksgiving type of craft this week and I'm delivering but I'm delivering what appears to be a Pintrest FAIL! 
So far it seems to be a big FAIL.  Ah me and Modge Podge - it is supposed to be easy to work with but I always end up with more glue all over me and a mess on the craft piece.  I still try to use it but ugh... one day I'll learn that it isn't for me. 

This is the Pintrest picture and link to the original blog.


Looks easy right. 

I bought a bag of leaves at the dollar store had the modge podge, a brush and some mason jars and thought, 'well this looks like a fun fast and easy craft I'll try it!' 

Yeah... not so much. 

Now I know that the glue will dry clear but right now they look pretty well ridiculous, hysterically funny and look like something my 5 year old niece made!  Okay, okay my niece could probably do better! 

The leaves won't stick to the mason jar even when I put them on backwards so I ended up using far too much glue and got well this mess. 

In the original post they look really pretty with the light shinning through them and I thought hey these would look great on a Thanksgiving table! 

Problem - I don't have a plan B just yet.  I'm still picking glue off my fingers and hands.

Next week I will share my Thanksgiving mantle.  Maybe that will go better.  In the meantime I'll be picking leaves off these mason jars and washing them.  Possibly I'll have my niece come over and show me how to properly use glue. 

Have a safe and happy week!

Please feel free to follow me on Pintrest - I've been pinning Thanksgiving, fall and even Christmas like mad. 

I'm off to have a glass of wine and forget this mess. 

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  1. I feel your pain...lol...I am learning more about Mod Podge...I wonder if you put a thin coat of it on the glass first...let it dry...coated one side of the leaf and let it dry...then put a layer in-between ? I am skipping Thanksgiving decorations...going straight for Christmas...We are going to my son's graduation in Mo. in Dec so need to get it done...It will be fun seeing what you are doing this year...