Monday, October 26, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like..Halloween!

I love Halloween to me it represents the beginning of the holiday season.  Every month is a march closer to another great holiday.  Halloween and October usher in a full 3 months of celebrations and activities that I can't wait to participate in. 

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is an old Celtic tradition.  Originally the people celebrated Samhain which is actually November 1st, they believed that the dead came back to life and could take the living with them. To fake out the ghosts people would dress in costume and wear masks so not to be recognized.  Eventually the church made Samhain All Saints Day and the day before became All Hallows Eve - and it has turned into Halloween!  Now you can play Sheldon Cooper to all of your friends. 

So lets get started with my Halloween décor.

I've shown you the front - here
But here is an update:

I got this great IT clown a few years ago... best money I've spent in a while, scares the kids!

I add a ghost and a ghoul that are motion activated
And a cemetery complete with fog.  I also play creepy music to enhance the outdoor spookiness. 

Now let's step inside and I'll show you the rest of my main floor.

I've shown you my mantle and dinning table - here

This is my entry table.  I've had this pumpkin man since I can remember.  My Mom displayed it in our picture window and gave him to me once I had kiddo's.  Every year he is displayed on my small entry table.  He is my most prized and favorite Halloween decoration. 

For Halloween I loaded my olive bucket with pinecones and displayed another lighted pumpkin on the floor.

I have a small confession to make... I am obsessed with Jack-O-Lantern's.  I've got them in all shapes and sizes. You've seen 2 so far, let my obsession begin! 

I have a small side table next to my couch with a couple Jack-O-Lantern's, a black pumpkin and notice I've added an extra detail there - a orange and black ribbon wrapped around my lamp.

The buffet is filled with, you guessed it, more Jack-O-Lantern's!

 I got this beauty below at Kirkland's.  He holds a tea light candle as do the small ones.  Those I got at Michael's a few years ago. 

 I even decorate the top of my hutch.

But don't forget other parts of you house!
I put a few items in my kitchen to keep the spirit of Halloween alive including Jack-O-Lantern's.

I even put something small like this gravestone in each bathroom.
The basement has more Jack-O-Lantern's that hold tea lights and I even decorate my outdoor porch with yes more Jack-O-Lantern's!!!

Well that is it for Halloween at our house.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  The weatherman is calling for snow on Saturday so we will see how many trick-or-treaters we really get.  Usually I go through about 350-500 pieces of candy!  Fingers crossed otherwise I'll be taking a lot of candy to work! 

Next week I'll share my first Thanksgiving or November fall craft. It is an easy mason jar project made with dollar store leaves.  I've seen them all over Pintrest lately but they turn out super cute.  I'll also be painting dollar store pumpkins and putting away all my Halloween and putting up Thanksgiving.  I'll be sharing my décor on that in weeks to come as well.  I've even got a Christmas craft that I'm hoping to do and share with everyone in November- it involves fencing pickets and chalkboard paint.  It looks cute in my head I just hope it turns out as well. 

So please come back each week in November for some super cute ideas! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Until next week, Stay Safe!

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  1. Unbelievable!!!! I've never seen anyone decorate this much for Halloween! I can't wait to see your place for Christmas!!!!!