Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkin Totem's

It is October on the calendar but here in Colorado the weather thinks it is August.  After a nice cool week of 60's it is now been record setting temperatures this week of 80+ degrees!  Today it was 87, a record.  It is just crazy hot.  Have you seen fall?  Not a tree is even turning here in Colorado Springs!  Fall feels late and like it will never come... sob sob sniff sniff.  I want it to be here so bad! 

I've been off a bit and I'm sorry about that but I'll fill you in on what happened to me at the end of the post.  I want to share a cute Halloween craft that I'm super excited about and some of my outdoor decorations. 

I won't prolong the suspense....
I made this with cheap plastic bucket pumpkins, Christmas lights and a dowel.  How easy it that!!
Love them so much I made 2!

I found the old fashioned plastic pumpkins for 1.00 at Walmart.  The dowel is 1/2 inch by 3 feet long (1.25 for each at Walmart).  I filled them with battery operated LED white Christmas lights that I had.  My hubby drilled holes in each pumpkin where we wanted the dowel to go through and stuck them in the ground, turned on the lights and wha-la!!!!  I didn't even paint them (that would be cute but I like mine miss-matched).

Super cute Pumpkin Totem poles for under $5.00 each!

I don't do a lot of outdoor Halloween décor just yet.  It gets really windy here in Colorado and things could blow away.  I even took these darling pumpkin totems up until Halloween night. 
So far I've got a few things on the house.
The BOO sign I made earlier along with a skeleton hanging on each side of the door.

This scary face

 A creepy tree with glowing eyes.
 And the super cool wreath I made last year.  This is a Pottery Barn knock off for a fraction of the price.  See how I did it here...

I've also got a few ghosts hanging in my tree.  These guys have bells on them and act like wind chimes.

I know I also promised you my mantle.  Here's a sneak peak, come back next week for the full mantle and the dinning room table.

Now on to personal stuff... I've been a bit incapacitated lately. 

I've fractured 5  bones in my left foot.  We think from hiking over the summer, but it was worth it!

So I'm in the boot for at least 4 weeks.  Then we'll see... hopefully no surgery.  I tell ya it is difficult to do things with this boot but my darling hubby has stepped in and helped me decorate and even craft!  Love that man!!! 
Now he did make me nervous when he called me from the store and said, "Hey I found a chandelier for the entry way."  Luckily he knows what I like!  From the pictures he sent I knew it was a YES!  I'll share that little beauty sometime soon. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I appreciate your support!  Please stop by next week when I'll share the mantle and my dinning room table - it's creepy! 
I hope you try the pumpkin totem they were super easy to make - I'd love to see your versions!

Until next week
Stay Safe,

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  1. I love the totem. That is a very cool idea. Im sorry about your foot, but like you said it was worth it. I also love to hike. Thank you for leaving linking up at the Blog Dare.