Monday, November 9, 2015

Thanksgiving table

Happy November!

I can't believe that it is November already; I mean Christmas is like only 7 weeks away or something right.  The year is quickly coming to a close and today I'm sharing my Thanksgiving table.  I'll go step by step to let you see how I achieved the look. 

Lets start at the beginning.

Your foundation is important because it sets the entire tone of the scheme. 
I chose a dark brown because I felt it went well with the color scheme I was working with (orange, purple, blue, gold and white).

I start with the centerpiece.  I've done several different kinds.  Some tall others very low.  Decorators will say to use a low centerpiece to encourage table talk across the table.  I find that it usually doesn't matter what kind of centerpiece I have because people will talk.  But I encourage you to experiment and see what you like.  Personally I don't have a preference. 

This year I went low. 

I bought this beauty at Kirkland's, on sale for Veteran's Day.
They sell similar ones for each season already decorated.  I like the idea of a plain one because now I can decorate it for any season very easily with things I have on-hand.  PLUS it was cheaper than the already decorated ones... win!
I just placed it in the center of my table and started decorating from there.

I wrapped several faux garland around it like so...
You could do more or you could leave it at 2.  I like the look of 3.
Next I added some fall picks that I got at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.
I just stuck them in there. 
Finally I added some faux pumpkins and gourds that I had and I'm done with the centerpiece! 
See easy to do and it looks GREAT! 
The next step is the place mats.  I chose dark ones but you can choose any. 
TIP - you could use a table runner as a place mat.  You could also use a large napkin if you don't have a placemat to use.  I've also used chargers as place mats and they look amazing. 

I add the placemats next because as I add other items to the table I want to make sure I've got room for my place settings.  My table is pretty small so this step now saves me time and moving things around later.

Now I add things like salt and pepper shakers, small dishes and plates.
 I also add candles like this sweet owl.

Next is the place settings themselves. 
This year I found these large leaves at Walmart .98 for 6 of them.

TIP - You could use these large leaves as placemats. 

This year I used my white plates for a nice pop on what could be a dark table.
Next comes the salad plate.  Because I'm doing informal I set the smaller plate right on top of the larger one.  I've had these leaf plates for years and I use them all fall. 
I also added a ramekin as a desert dish.  I found these at Walmart, they are from the Pioneer Woman's collection and so cute!  The purple glasses are also from her collection and for the price are well worth it.  They are VERY heavy glass and come in purple, light blue and white at my Walmart. 
I love the purple on the table.
One of the final steps for me is getting out my Grandmothers teapot and salt and pepper shakers.  They are perfect for Thanksgiving and bring her memory to my table.

Finally I found these name tags at Kirkland's in the sale rack (how can you pass up .75 for 4 of these!?)
I attached a piece of jute to each one and wrapped them around my napkins.  They are chalkboard so I can use them over and over. 
That is it!  My Thanksgiving table is set.  Next week I'll share my house decorated for fall/Thanksgiving.  It is different than my September fall décor.  The following week I'll be sharing a Christmas craft then we'll be in full blown Christmas mode! 
If you'd like to look at what I've done over the years for my Thanksgiving tables you can look 2014 or 2013
I try to make them a bit different each year. 
Have a safe week and remember to check back next week for a full home tour including my outside all decorated for Fall/Thanksgiving.  I appreciate your support! 
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