Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall front porch

I wonder if anyone else out there is like me...
Hi, my name is Victoria and I have decorating A.D.D.

Whew, glad that is over. 

I can't decide on a style of decorating nor can I decide on how I want things decorated.   I am constantly moving things around and changing things up.  Heck last Christmas I redecorated my mantle Christmas morning... yep I'm THAT girl. 

Now I tell myself that great ideas come to those who wait or that if I live with something for a while it will 'grow' on me or even the; I move things around a lot because the décor gets better and better with each transition. 

Yes I lie to myself to make myself feel better about being well... decorating deficient. 

So here we are finally in September and well I need to decorate my front porch. It is small as front porches go but it looks nice when decorated.  I am ashamed to say that it has been naked all summer.  Only a wreath for décor... sad bad blogger! 

In late August I made a list of things I'd need for fall and Thanksgiving decorating.  Then I shared my secret - I take pictures of everything so if I run into something in a store that I just love I'll know if it will go with what I've already got!  So I bought Mum's; 2 large and several small ones.  I put the 2 large ones each in a set of buckets that I've had for years.  The small ones I planted in my front garden to give it a little pop for the fall. 

Now to decorate.  This is where I usually falter because I can't decide. 

I started with some bales of hay that I lovingly wrap up each November and carefully put away.  Yes you read that correctly; I wrap up $5.00 bales of hay like they are precious glass. 
I move them around and put them on angles or I lean one or two.  Then I get our my scarecrows and place them around the bales and add my flowers. 

I do have several wreathes that I use in my outdoor fall scene and I put them up next along with some faux garland.  I made the one on the door last year - check out how to make it here...

Last year I put several scarecrows in the yard but they are in bad shape so I didn't put any out this year.  Broken, sad or just faded outdoor décor just makes everything look bad. 

I live with that for a while.... a while.  This is what the front originally looked like.
Sad.  But then I changed things up a bit.

I added a table from my back porch and shifted things around a bit.  The candle lanterns I got at Kirkland's really cheap, like $5.00 a piece!  They look really nice lit up at night and it makes the house look very inviting.

I like this so far but don't count on it being the same by the end of September!  I still think it needs something else... possibly a chair?  hmmm. 

Stop back and see if things stay the same for next week!  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I really appreciate your support.
Next week I'll be sharing my fall home tour.  Until then, stay safe!

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  1. I am currently obsessing about Christmas Decorating.....I used to faithfully change my decorations every quarter....4 times a year I would rearrange the furniture and deep clean...then dive into the basement storeroom to pull out the appropriate seasons brick a brac and complementary fabric items...OH and did I mention I never repeated how I did it....I also wore full face paint and did the matching dress for success thing with killer heels..... breath.....now at 62 ...I still decorate ....just scaled backhand... I shoot for something that has elements that translate from one season to the next with tweaks...I'm also comfortable with out make up and love my jeans and tee shirts...so I love to follow you and see what you are doing ... just don't have the energy to do it anymore...will live vicariously thru you!!!