Monday, March 2, 2015

Egg fail... sort of

Oh decoupage we have a love/hate relationship.  I love the idea of it, the look of it when it goes right but when it goes wrong, oh my!  Unfortunately for me decoupage seems to go wrong more often than not.  But I try and I continue to try.  I'd appreciate any tips to make it go right. 

Okay so as always I will share the good, the bad and the really ugly.  I'd categorize this as the 'bad'. 

I saw this cute egg craft on Pintrest done with sheet music or a book page and plastic eggs.

Here is my version, step by step...

You will need:
Craft eggs, I used plastic eggs
Book pages, sheet music or fabric
Decoupage medium
Plastic bowl
Paint sponge
Twine, jute or ribbon

Step 1 - Rip up your book pages, sheet music or fabric into small pieces
Step 2 - Pour your decoupage into the plastic bowl
Step 3 - Soak your ripped paper in the decoupage
Step 4 - Using your paint sponge paint your egg

Step 5 - Take your wet ripped paper and cover your egg

Step 6 - Using your paint sponge cover the egg with decoupage
Step 7 - Take the glitter and sprinkle it over the egg
Step 8 - Let the eggs dry, I used a plastic plate

Step 9 - Tie the ribbon, jute or twine around the egg. 


Options - you could write on the egg or stamp on it instead of or addition to glitter. 

I think playing like I was in Elementary School and painting my hand with the glue turned out better!

Anyway, my eggs turned out eh...

Do you have any tips to make decoupage turn out better?  I'd appreciate any help cause I love the look when it goes well. 
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate you reading and visiting.  I'll be back next week!  Until then, stay safe,

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