Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween door ideas

When you decorate for Halloween this year don't forget your front door!

Last year I did my door as a mummy.  I wrapped the door in white crepe paper.  The problem was overnight the cool air got between the door and the storm door and the mummy's wrapping drooped.  I was so upset I almost tore the mummy down.  My daughter and my husband liked it though so I kept it up.  If you want to do a mummy door I would do this on an inside door, like a garage door or bedroom door or the back of the front door.

This year I thought about Frankenstein or Dracula.  My front door is 2 colors, the outside is red and the inside is brown.  I am on a limited budget, very limited so I wanted to use what I've got on hand and not purchase anything.
Since Frankenstein is green and my door is red I decided to do just an angry face.
To do this door you will need a large yard trash bag, 2 paper plates, a cup, tape (I used packing tape) and 2 pieces of black construction paper.

OH and scissors.
So first things first... drape the trash bag over the top of the door.  I draped it so about 10-12 inches hung down.  I decided I wanted my mad monster to have fringed hair so I cut strips into the bag.
Then tape the bag on the sides so it is secure to the door.  Next, make the eyes.  Using the cup make two circles on the black construction paper and cut them out.  Tape each black eye to the center of the flat back of each paper plate.
Now take the plate and tape it to the door.  I used packing tape and made a roll and secured the tape to the curved sides of the plate and stuck them on the door.

 Next make the eyebrows.  I cut long 2 inch strips for the eyebrows out of the black construction paper and taped them to the door over top the eyes.  I angled my eyebrows to make them look mean.

Now make the mouth.  I cut another long 2 inch strip and 2 shorter ones and taped them to the door.

I think he turned out pretty good.  FOR FREE!  Everything I used is what I had on hand.
There are other door ideas you can try.

Have fun decorating your door for Halloween!  I'd love to see what you come up with.

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