Monday, November 7, 2016

Thanksgiving is in November

I love November, the leaves are almost off all the trees (and my dog will stop bringing them in and depositing them all over my house) and it is Thanksgiving for us in the United States! 

I really like Thanksgiving, it is an often over-looked holiday because of 'black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' but the day itself is really cool.  Almost every culture and country has a Thanksgiving Day, a specific day set aside to honor our ancestors who emigrated to the country, a time for us to think about their sacrifice and hardships and all that they endured to get a better life for themselves and ultimately for us.  Pretty powerful. 

I am an unusual blogger, I do one holiday at a time... I don't rush.  A lot of bloggers have their Christmas décor going up right now and yes I read those blogs and get ideas and I thank them for being ahead... but that's not me... I'm all about Thanksgiving!  (Insert the Friends Thanksgiving episode with Joey and his Thanksgiving pants!!!)

To start take a look at these adorable (and really well made) placemats I got at Wal-Mart!  They are BH&G... embroidery here folks.

Soo cute! 

I am not finished my dinning table yet, I'm in the process of painting pumpkins and I'll share the table next week.

So lets take a little tour of my house all decorated for Thanksgiving shall we...

Get your diet Pepsi/Coke or coffee or in my case tea and let us begin!!

Outside -

The Autumn sign hung on my front door in September.  I've moved it to the right side front door entry wall for November.

 This large 'Give Thanks' hangs to the left of the front door and overtop...
(SAM's 2 years ago, sorry they don't sell it any more- the reverse side reads WELCOME)
A basket of faux fall flowers, a hay bale and some other seasonal décor.
 This little beauty that I made a few years ago is hanging on the door this year.  If you'd like to see how I did it check it out here
Across the front of the house is a wreath I made years and years ago.. I recently painted a 'D' and added it.
Now inside....
This is my entry table that I got last year for Christmas (Kirkland's and they still sell it). 
I also got this adorable Edison Lamp from Kirkland's.. they are all currently on sale!
I love, love, love the glow it gives off and it is perfect for this time of the year.

This guy hangs on my hall closet door.  Did you have one of these growing up in the 70s?  I've got them for all seasons... can you say, 'SO glad my Mom kept something from my childhood!'
Retro cool!

My mantle is just about done... one of the pumpkins I'm painting will go up there but otherwise I like the way it turned out this year.
We ended up having to 'recycle' my old buffet.  The leg was broken and unfixable so I sold it to an antique store, she is going to use it as her register area.  Glad it will get a 2nd life!  So my Mom sent me this really cool gate leg table.  I dressed it up a bit for Thanksgiving along with the shelf on the wall.
Like my new lamp there?  Love it!  My daughter bought the swing arm lamp for me for my birthday (IKEA). 

Oh and here is a close up of the glass candleholder - Kirkland's last year.  I didn't see any this year that are this color but they do have them in red and green for Christmas AND they are under $15.00 (I want to say $12.99)

Finally my coffee table - I got the piece at Kirkland's 2 years ago.  It is plain and I just decorate it for each season. 

As I said the dining table isn't quite there yet... I need these pumpkins to dry!  I do have it decorated with the BH&G placemats, Pottery Barn orange table runner, table cloth is from Bed Bath &Beyond and is brown linen, the leaf plates are BH&G (sorry they don't sell them any longer) and the pumpkin bowls are from a grocery store here in Colorado (King Soopers/City Market) they were $2.99 each. 
Every fall I put my Grandmothers teapot out.  It helps to remind me of her and the sacrifices she made to emigrate to America to make a better life for all of us.

I'll be giving more details on my dining table next week.  In the meantime follow me on Instagram - @Vicdenni  I am posting almost every day. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back next week with painted pumpkins and a completed dining table. 

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