Monday, October 17, 2016

Over the top Halloween Chandelier

This year's Halloween tablescape is NOT over the top... but the chandelier is!!!
I mean can you say over the top doesn't begin to describe this thing!

Oh yes...

AMAZING and pretty cool huh! 

So how did I do this?  Welllllll it involved climbing a 75 foot tree and a hacksaw. 

My husband tells me if I bring in any more 'dead things' he's going to protest.  Yet there he was up in our maple tree cutting me dead branches.  I told him that I'd climb the tree and cut them down, possibly this is why he joyfully agreed to climb a 75 foot tree to get some dead things??? IDK.. If you follow or have read past posts you know I'm a huge klutz.. SO if I'd have climbed the tree I would have fallen or broken something - (do you see my evil genius at work here?).

But he climbed the tree and got me several dead branches then brought them all inside and helped me decide which 2 we would use for the chandelier d├ęcor.  He then proceed to even decorate by standing on the wobble table while I directed him like the evil dictator I am!  He did all the webbing and hung the crows, spiders and the owl.  He just placed them where I told him, what a great guy! 

Once he climbed off the rickety table he looked at it and agreed that I was right... spectacular and down-right cool!  BUT BIG.. I mean I've got small rooms but 20 foot ceilings and this thing is big. 

Since my chandelier is so out of this world I went simple on the table.

Just 2 lanterns and a beer growler filled with some Halloween foliage.  I don't even have placemats. 

I think that dressing a table is like putting make-up on your face - either highlight the eyes or the lips but not both.  So the chandelier is my eyes and the table is my lipstick... simple yet Halloweenie. 

I host a Halloween dinner party, partly because it is my birthday... (Happy Birthday to me!) and partly because I like having dinner parties.  I guess hidden somewhere inside my DNA is a 1940's housewife. 

I dressed the table 2 ways to show you.  Now you could add a placemat for effect - a black one would be soo great!

First up a bit of a more fancy place setting. 
I've got some wine glasses with purple, not black (yep they are purple) bottoms...  A simple plate and themed salad plate.
I opened a paper napkin and placed it on the plate for more Halloween effect AND the napkins match my tablecloth.. how did my INSTAGRAM friend @2bluikiddos know?  (must follow her on INSTAGRAM!)

Here is another idea for a table place setting.

The coffee cups make it more casual. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I truly appreciate it!  What do you think of my table or better yet what do you think of my chandelier!!!????????? 

Can you believe I got that skeleton garland at the Target dollar spot for $3.00 and they are METAL people, METAL!  So cute!

So let me give you some sourcing.  I'll try to do that going forward - thanks for the feedback!

Okay here we go.
Chandelier - Home Depot - they don't carry it any longer, sorry. 
Dead tree limbs - my maple in the back yard
Crows hanging from the dead tree limbs - dollar store
Owl hanging from the tree limbs - Michaels a few years back
Spider webs - dollar store
Spiders - dollar store

Tablecloth - Target a few years ago
White large plate - Bed, Bath and Beyond, Thompson Pottery
Small black and white bird plate (casual setting) - Mary Carol (Mary Carol Garrity - Nell Hills)
White cup - Bed, Bath and Beyond - Thompson Pottery (I got it with the plates as a set)
Purple glass - The Pioneer Woman (Renee Drummond) Wal-Mart - seriously like $2.50 a glass and they are HEAVY! 
Small black and white written plate - set of 4 (2 of each saying) - Home Goods last year
Stemmed water glass - Stein Mart
Stemmed purple base wine glass - sorry antique handed down from my Great Aunt
Silverware - Sorry I don't remember that pattern but I know they are Oneida 18/10 silverware and I got them at Macy's
Paper Halloween Napkins - TJ Maxx
Lanterns - Kirkland's last year (they still sell them)
Dark colored beer growler - Bristol Brewing Company here in Colorado Springs... Laughing Lab anyone? 
Halloween 'flowers' in the growler - Michael's last year. 

You know, you CAN do this in your own dining room - yes you can!  I'd love to see everyone's dining or other rooms decorated for Halloween.  Please drop me a note I do answer and read everything.. I even apply the feedback you give me!  Thanks and keep it coming. 

Next week I will share the INSTAGRAM Halloween swap 16, what I got and how I decorated with it. 

Halloween is almost here!! I CAN'T WAIT

Again, thank you so, SO much for reading.

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  1. I love how you took something that was already in your dining room and made it perfectly spooky! Thanks for sharing at Crafty Design-O-Rama this week!