Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Door 'wreath'

Sorry I am a bit late in blogging this week I've had a series of unfortunate computer issues to deal with but now that everything is resolved I can show you what I did for my Christmas door 'wreath'!

You know I like to be out of the box a bit so what better type of door wreath could there be but a picture frame?  None you say and I'd agree!

I got the frame on sale back in August and knew I wanted to make a Christmas door wreath out of it.  I played around with bells, ornaments, bottle brush trees, snowflakes and even Santa's on the frame - the possibilities are endless. 

In the end I chose the cheapest and most glittery one to do but that is how I roll.  I love glitter and anything shiny and as usual there is glitter everywhere from this project.  (insert big BIG smile here)!!

To complete this just like I did you will need a few things.
Dollar store snowflakes
Dollar store ornament
Dollar store bottle brush tree (I took the base off the bottle brush tree to make it easier to place on the frame)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Picture frame

I played around with the arrangement and originally thought I'd get fishing line and string 2 of the snowflakes from the middle of the frame however, you really couldn't see them well until you got right up on the frame so I opted to not do that.  (maybe if they were a different color it would show up better)
I think it would look great turned horizontally with a few plastic ornaments hung from the frame.  Heck you could even glue ornaments directly to the frame!! 

I do like my outcome and it took me all of 5 minutes to do and cost me $13.00. Here is the breakdown:

Dollar store large snowflake pack of 4 - $1.00
Dollar store small snowflake pack of 4 - $1.00
Dollar store 'Joy' ornament - $1.00
Dollar store bottle brush trees - pack of 3 - $1.00
Picture frame (on sale) $9.00

TIP - So the picture frame doesn't bang around on my door I put furniture pads on the back of it in each corner.  Since I've got hardwood floors I keep these on hand in all sizes and shapes.  I find many uses for them throughout the house.
So what do you think?


Do you have an unusual door wreath?  Did you make your door wreath?  I'd love to see your creations!

Please stop back next week when I'll be sharing my entire house, inside and out.  You must see the downstairs Christmas tree that I decorated in the card banner I made and dollar store and Target dollar spot Christmas gift tags! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love ...Love...Love!!! It looks amazing. What is your theme this year? when do we get to see more???? holding my breath!