Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas home tour

Happy Holiday's!

Today I am going to share my home decorated for the Christmas season so grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and let's get started. 

When you walk in the front door you are greeted by my Christmas gift.  Prior a small glass table stood here and I've always wanted something bigger with storage and my husband found this table and I love it, love it, love it!!!
 On the top I put my glass balls.  This is an easy craft and looks great lit up.  I used these last year on my mantle, you can see that here. 
When you look out from my entry you can see my mantle and tree.

 This year I kept my tree silver/white and blue.  I have snowflakes in different sizes on the tree. 
This is one of my favorites and it is from the dollar store.

 I also have several large snowflakes on the tree; because of the tree's large size (9ft.) I can get away with several of these large snowflakes.  They are also from the dollar store.

 I love deer and have several on the tree as well. I just tuck them into the tree.

You can even see that I have blue and white snowflake lights! 
Next to the tree is the mantle.  This year I was intent on going with what I was wanting to do last year... Here is my inspiration.

My husband is not a fan of very rustic so I had to be careful how rustic/farmhouse I went but he does like the outcome.

I got the bells via Amazon and the stars at a local home store (At Home).  The orb is older from Target.  I got the windows from a local antique store. 
My home is small only 1100 sq. ft. on the main level and the tree is big, really big, so I have to get a bit creative with furniture arrangements.  For this Christmas I moved the china cabinet to a small wall opposite the mantle.  It houses my collection of Rudolph items. 

 On top I put several trees.  They don't really go with my theme but I have to consider my husbands likes as well and he isn't a fan of the very rustic. 

 In front of my couch I've got my coffee table that I decorated with the same candleholder that I used at Thanksgiving. 

 I got it at Kirkland's.  You can buy them already decorated but I chose the plain one so I can use it every season.  For Christmas I bought some large pine picks and put them around the piece. 

If you turn to the right there is my dinning room.  I'll be sharing this next week but I decorated my buffet with its sad broken leg (yep still not fixed cause that is how I roll) with a lot of faux trees and some large deer. 

Several of them light up but I'll share this next week in detail. 
In my kitchen I've got my Moms old salt and pepper shakers and a Lenox Santa.  I remember having the Santa and Angel on the table every Christmas.  Supposedly the Santa and Angel go together which seems very odd to me but hey I'll go with it. 
 In my metal fruit tier I put some small faux pine, a silver gravy boat and tucked an ornament in for a great effect. 
 On the ledge of the window between my kitchen and dinning room I've got my collection of Nutcrackers. 

The small one is actually a smoker for incense.  My husband got them last year when he went to Germany for work.  I sent him to the Chriskringle festivals.  I am sure he and his work colleagues were confused but once they went and saw all the food and got some glug (warm wine drink) they had a lot of fun.  My husband said they went every night. 
Now heading downstairs I've hung several deer head and Santa pictures on the wall.
 I've got my Irish Santa on the landing.

Once in the family room I've got some pillows on my large couch.

I've also got a small tree in the family room.  This year I bought a new one from Walmart.  It is 6 foot tall and flocked.  I really love it but if you buy a flocked tree BEWARE - it makes a real mess when you put it up. 

Here I hung the banners I made from Christmas cards.  I also decorated this tree entirely in Target dollar spot gift tags... yep gift tags.

I just tied them to the branches!!  I also added the chalkboard placeholders that I bought for Thanksgiving.
 I topped it with a snowman's hat the I got for $5.00 at the home store At Home.  Super cute!

My bookcase is next to the tree and here I places several more Santa's from my collection.
 In the bar area of our basement I placed another tree.  This one is decorated with a golf and fishing theme for my husband.  I even have a fishing Santa. 

 When decorating don't forget area's of your home that guests frequent like bathrooms.  I put a candle and a Santa in my main bathroom along with nice Christmas hand towels for guests to use.

On doors throughout the house I've hung the 1970's plastic melted Christmas thingies.  I don't know what to call them but we had them for all seasons and my Mom has given them to me.  I just love them and they remind me of my childhood. 
I've got several Santa's
A wreath, snowmen, Christmas trees and even Rudolph. 

Well that is it!  I hope you enjoyed the house all decorated for the holiday's.  Next week I'll share my dinning room tablescape and my outside - we do it up BIG so make sure you come back! 
I'd love to hear back from you.  How many tree's do you put up during the holidays?  What do you decorate with, is there a theme? 
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate your support.
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