Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PB Halloween wreath knock off

I found this great wreath for Halloween on Pottery Barn.
Pretty cool huh. 
Well it is a whopping, are you sitting down?  A whopping, $99.00!  CRAZY.  The online description says the skulls are metal as is the chain and real rope... WOW.  Right now it is on sale for the special price of $79.00.

I don't know about any of you but I really don't have even $79.00 to splurge on a door decoration let alone $100.00! 

They are also selling some skulls on a stake.

These were $39.50 EACH.  They are now on sale for $23.50 each, oh plus shipping and handling.
I mean they are skulls on a stick. The skulls are made of 'poly resin'. 
Now I like them and I really love the wreath.  So what's a girl to do? 

Here is what you will need to make the wreath:
1 wreath - I used a 13 inch straw wreath
At least 2 skulls - I got mine at the dollar store
Plastic or rubber chain - I got mine at Walmart
Rope - for a 13 inch wreath you will need 100 feet of rope. 
Glue - I started out using hot glue and ended up using E6000
Wire - to secure the chain and skulls to your wreath
Wire cutters
2 small screws
1 screwdriver
Sharp scissors

Now lets begin.
Step 1 - If you use a straw wreath unwrap the plastic.  Yes it will make a mess.

Step 2 - Decide where you want the top of your wreath to be.  Glue the open end of the rope to the wreath and start wrapping.  I also glued the rope every so many wraps.

Step 3 - Completely wrap your wreath.  This is where I failed a bit.  I only bought 50 feet of jute rope and I needed 100 feet for a 13 inch straw wreath.  So with my husbands help, I unwrapped and re-wrapped. 

Step 4 - As you come back to the beginning of your wrapping you will need to glue the rope down to the wreath again.

Step 5 - Make a noose.  Making a large loop with a large hole at the top and a small hole at the bottom.  Then wrap your rope around the loop.  When you get to the top run your rope end through the large loop and then through the small loop.  Pull the end of the rope to secure the noose. 

Step 6 - Add your skulls.  My husband drilled a screw into the back of each skull, we then wrapped picture hanging wire around the screws, then tightened the screw with a screwdriver.  After deciding where I wanted each skull we then secured them to the wreath by wrapping the picture wire around the wreath and twisting it tightly.  We then cut the end of the wire and pushed it back into the wreath. 

Step 7 - Add your chain - To secure the chain I used E6000 and glued the chain to the wreath. 
Now hang it. 

I think it turned out fantastic AND the best part is that is only cost me about $15.00 and 35 minutes of my time.
Here is the breakdown.
13 inch straw wreath from Hobby Lobby - $4.00
Jute rope from Walmart - $5.50
2 skulls - dollar store - $2.00 total
Plastic chain - Walmart - $5.00

I had the ret of the items on hand.  But even if you needed to buy glue and wire etc. you could still do this wreath for under $25.00.  That is a heck of a lot better than $100.00!!!!
So again, this is the Pottery Barn version

And here is mine:

What do you think?  I love it, love it, love it!! 

You could easily make the skulls on a stake also.  I'd love to see someone's version of those! 

Till next Tuesday - stay safe

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