Monday, July 21, 2014

You really can paint anything

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine didn't go as planned but I sure did have fun.  I never did get to the thrift stores to hunt down a lamp, but there is always next weekend.

So last week I showed you how I transformed some ugly colored dollar trays into great trays and today I'm showing you not only how I finished one but I will give you a sneak peak at next weeks painting foray.

But first I thought I'd start with a beautiful sunset.  The sunsets here in Colorado are always beautiful.  Tonight's was no exception.
But on to the trays...
Remember these?

For this craft you will need:
Spray Paint - any color you want
1 tube of craft paint - any color you want
1 can of Clear Gloss spray paint
A stencil
Painters tape
A stippling brush - AKA a stencil brush
1 paper plate

I painted one of the trays black as one of my girls has a black and white bedroom.
I chose silver metallic for the Fleur de Lis
I used one of the smaller brushes for this stencil as it isn't that big.  I used the one to the immediate right of the large one.

Now... a thing or two about stenciling. It is easy BUT...
Always remember to dab off the paint on your brush prior to dabbing it on the item.  You want as little paint as possible on the brush.

Also... Make sure your stencil is down tight and secure, if not you will get a shadow effect, unless that is what you want, then cool!  Next, dab the paint 1 time and 1 time only... then be done! 
Alas the worse that could happen is that you mess up!  You then simply repaint and start over! No harm, no foul! 
So remember a little paint goes a long way.  Dab don't brush the paint on.
Easy peasy!

And whala!  You are done!
After it is dry then go over the piece with your clear gloss spray paint.  It will be shinny and pretty. 

Have you ever stenciled?  I did an entire border in my kitchen when we first moved in... now that was a job!

Next I'm going to share the almost outcome of my next craft project.
This started out as something you may not believe!

I can't wait till it's dry to share!  And wait to you see what it was before! 

Can you believe July is almost over?  Where has the summer gone?  Here is Colorado it is really just starting, my flowers are finally blooming and the days are getting warmer.  Secretly I can't wait for September, October and November - my favorite months.  I've got a lot of cool crafts I want to try for Halloween - yes I am thinking Halloween already!  This year has just gone by so quickly. Take advantage of every day because before we know it Christmas will be here and it will be 2015!!! YIKES.  Wasn't it just 2000 yesterday? 

So till next week - Stay safe and have a happy week.


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Till next week! 

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