Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Salt Lamp

I hope everyone had a safe, happy and fun filled 4th of July.  We went camping in the mountains over the holiday.  We camped in a town called Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Like Colorado Springs, where I live, Pagosa is a town that established itself because of the healing hot springs.  However, unlike Colorado Springs, Pagosa is a sulfur spring so the entire town smells like rotten eggs but you do get use to the smell.  Manitou Springs, which is within 5 miles of where I live, is a mineral spring.  Like Colorado Springs the waters in Manitou are more for drinking than soaking like Pagosa.  Colorado is filled with natural springs, many that flow into large rivers and lakes. 

While in Pagosa shopping, what else would I do right!  Anywho, I found a shop that specializes in rocks.  Now you may be thinking... 'ROCKS? what is the big deal about rocks?'.  But did you know that many rocks have medicinal powers?  No, you don't grind them up and eat them but you do keep them around or wear them. 

I bought a salt lamp.  Now I know that many of you, like myself, don't know what a salt lamp is, so let me explain.
This inconspicuous rock is really a large block of salt.  It is ground out on the inside and you place a light inside.  Salt rocks usually come from the Himalayas and were formed millions of years ago. The lamps emit negative ions that clean and purify the air.

So what's the big deal you may ask... well let me tell you.  Negative ions are good for you and your health.  It's the positive one's that are bad.  We get bombarded with positive ions every day via electrical appliances.  These positive ions are to blame for lack of energy and even allergies and some diseases, depending on what sources you read.  Do you feel tired even after a well rested 8 hours?  It could be that you have too many positive ions around you. 

So this is how they work....When lit the salt warms up and pulls the moisture out of the air, as the water evaporates through the salt the lamp admits negative ions back into the air.  You know how great the air is after a thunderstorm?  Well that is because the air is full of negative ions at that point. 

What are the benefits of a salt lamp?  Well, the negative ions reduce the EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution created by computers, cell phones, microwaves etc.  The lamps create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.  Supposedly they help with allergies (I am a sufferer and I'll let you know if the lamp helps me).  These lamps are even touted to help with headaches including migraines.  Some websites even say that the lamps can help remove 'free radicals' from your body and the air.  Free radicals are known to cause certain types of cancer. 

DISCLAIMER - I am not a Dr. nor an expert.  I am only telling you about information that I've gathered on these lamps, and there is a LOT of information out there.  Just do a web search on 'salt lamp benefits' and you'll be bombarded with information. 

Personally, I like the glow. 

Caution:  These lamps can sweat so don't put them directly on a wooden surface if you live in a humid area.  You might want to put the lamp on a tray regardless.  Also don't place directly on anything electronic because they do sweat, they may drip water.  In the pictures above I've got mine directly on the table for photo purposes only.  Even in arid, dry Colorado I'm going to put mine on a tray or plate of some sort. 

These lamps come in many different shapes and sizes and many different prices.  At the Rock Shop I paid, $16.00 for my lamp but I've priced them online at upwards of $50.00. 

Does anyone already have a salt lamp?  Do you find that they work for you?  Is anyone else as skeptical as me? 

I'll let you know if mine helps my allergies and if I notice a difference in the air quality. 

I'm only going to be blogging once a week beginning this week through August.  I'll start back up twice a week in September.  So many activities planned in July and August but I'll be sharing lot's of pictures! 

Till next week - stay safe!

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