Monday, May 11, 2015

Marble mugs

This craft cost me $2.00; yes that isn't a typo - TWO DOLLARS!
How cute is this!

I saw this on Pintrest and after reading how it was done I thought, NO WAY! 
I was expecting to write a Pintrest FAIL blog today but I am here to tell you - THIS WORKS!
You will need:
White mugs - I got these at the dollar store - hence the $2.00
A large tin - you will ruin this so don't make it something you need or are attached to
Warm tap water
Nail polish - your choice of colors
Nail polish remover
A couple of paper towels
A couple of Q-Tips

Let's begin.
Step 1 - Fill your large tin halfway full of warm water
Step 2 - Shake your nail polish and drop several drops in the warm water in a circle

Step 3 - Dip your mug into the colored water - you will see the color come off the warm water like a sheet of paper. 
Step 4 - Be amazed at the results!
I used the nail polish remover to get rid of anything I didn't like or large spots using either the paper towels or the Q-Tips.  I also cleaned the bottom of the mugs with the nail polish remover.

The beauty of this craft is that if you don't like the outcome, wipe it off using the paper towels and the nail polish remover and start again!  I played with mine several times before I got the look I wanted. 

I then let them dry overnight.  I would NOT put these through the dishwasher, hand wash only.  I did wash them by hand and after the overnight dry the color did not come off. 

An easy craft that some older kiddo's could even do. 
Plus these would make great gifts, stuffed with a hot chocolate packet and a peppermint stick or loaded with candy, even pens or pencils for a teacher appreciation gift - so cute! 

I hope you try these yourself!  Let me know your results. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I appreciate the read.  I'll be back next week, until then, stay safe!

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  1. This looks like a really fun project to try with my kiddos! I love the idea of giving them as gifts, especially this time of the year when teacher gifts are needed! Thanks so mucy for sharing this at Talented Tuesdays!