Monday, April 20, 2015

Coaster Craft

Do you want and easy and inexpensive gift for someone but want it to look like you spent time and money on it? Well if you answered YES then have I got the craft for you!

Cute coasters!
You will need:

A set of tiles.  I used Travertine 4x4 tiles that I got in a pack at Home Depot for $3.78
A stamp of your choice (I had mine on hand)
A waterproof stamp pad - color of your choice (I used black)
1 can of spray sealer $3.00
A length of twine
Felt pads for the bottom of each coaster - I bought a pack of 24 for $1.00 at the dollar store

Ok are you ready!?
Step 1 - If your tiles are in a pack like mine, remove them from the plastic.
Step 2 - I wiped mine off, you don't have to but I did as mine felt sandy
Step 3 - Open your stamp pad
Step 4 - Take your stamp, push it onto the stamp pad then stamp it onto your tile. 
I placed mine in a random pattern; you could try it out on a piece of paper first to see where you like it or just go for it!  You can use more than one stamp per piece of tile - let your imagination fly!  Don't worry about being precise or getting the ink even - I really like the worn look. 
Step 5 - Stamp all of your tiles and sit them out to dry, a minute or two is good enough.
Step 6  - Spray each tile with the sealer.  Now you don't have to do this step; the waterproof ink from the stamp pad should be good.  I sprayed mine because Travertine is absorbent.  I then let the spray dry.
Step 7 - Put a felt pad on the bottom corner of each tile (you'll use 4 for each tile)

I tied mine with a piece of jute twine as they are going to be a gift. 
So for less than $10.00 I made these and now that I've got all the items I just need to buy more tile to make more for an even cheaper price.
Options I have thought of since I made these:
- Using wood  
- Using porcelain tile
- Using porcelain tile and painting them with chalkboard paint

What do you think? 

Here is a teaser for next week... wait till you see what I made out of this!
And NO, it isn't a live action Clue game! 

Until next week,
Stay Safe!

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  1. Your coasters came out really cute Victoria! What a nice gift. I love how you tied them up with the jute! Thanks for sharing this idea at Best of the Nest!

  2. I love how these can be varied according to the stamps in your stash :-) A great gift idea!
    I've featured your post on my Talented Tuesday Link Party post tomorrow - make sure to head across, link up again and get the sidebar image for your blog :-)

  3. Hey friend, just wanted to tell you that Fabulous Friday will be next Friday. I just moved into my new home and its been chaotic, so i had to postponed it, love the coasters crafts you shared on My last party
    Hugs Maria